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"Exploring Computer Science" (ECS)

Course Description:  
This is an introductory course that will allow students to develop an understanding of computers and coding.

humanCompInteraction Unit 1: Human Computer Interaction
Students will explore a variety of computer concepts by learning about the hardware that makes up a computer. Students will also learn how computers are used in a variety of fields and begin to view them as machines that need instructions to function.
process Unit 2: Problem Solving (Process)
This unit begins with an introduction to the problem solving process. Students are asked to solve new problems by planning a strategy, designing and producing solutions and then reflecting on their solutions ans strategies. The emphasis will be on the process rather than the solution.
html Unit 3: HTML Coding
Students will learn how to hand code and build their own personal websites.
scratch Unit #4: Scratch Coding
This is real coding (C++) made fun. No more syntax error - you will learn how to code dragging blocks. Eventually you will create your own computer game!
ev3 Unit #5: Robots
Students will utilize their coding skills to build and program robots to compete in a variety of activities.
ef Unit #6: Engineering (3d Printing)
Students design and draw the specs for a racing car. The create a 3d computer aided design of their drawing and then send it to a 3d printer to become reality. Finally, the students race their cars on an in class Hot Wheels track to determine the Champion.
nasa Unit #7: Careers in Tech!
During the course and in particular over the last few months, students will get to visit a number of companies in the Tech World and will be visited by Tech speakers from a broad range of occupations. Eventually, students will begin to look at the value of their own experiences and craft their own resumes.

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